Our story begins as most do... with Unicorns, Tyrannosaurus Rexes, princesses in towers and the heroes that are born to save them! The explosive fun of childhood wrapped up in a pop art style brought to you by Elisha Hale!

Just like you, my love for art began at the youngest age I can remember. While grand battle scenes, fantasy lands and fantastic monsters were just some of the things I loved to draw, it mostly looked like scribbles and stick figures to everyone else. So ever since then, I have harnessed that same imagination and energy, channeling it into hardwork, patience and practice to make the same excitement that I illustrated as a kid, a reality!

In my mind, art has to be fun! It should be fun to look at, fun to talk about, fun to own, and fun to make! It should be new and exciting, and that's what I concentrate on bringing to every project I work on!

Whether developing an iconic logo for your business, a refreshing shirt design for your brand, or anything else, I put 110% toward making the viewers eyes explode (safely)! I work with many different styles, and easily adapt to tailor my work to capture the concepts and images that you have envisioned.

I love a challenge, and pushing myself beyond the boundaries of what I already know is the greatest drive in my art. If a project isn't the best project that I've ever done, then I'm not satisfied. When you entrust me to make your vision a reality, you get the latest and greatest! No detail is spared; every work of art is done to outshine the last.

No matter your projects size, scope or progress - whether in the opening stages or finishing touches. I am ready to help make what you've already envisioned a reality, or to help you develop that vision, if you're still not clear on just the right feel.

The most important thing to me about every project is that my clients are genuinely taken care of. Not only being provided with the best of merchandise, but also the best of service and the clearest of communication!

So if you have any artistic need, whether advice or branding needs, please contact me, I'm sure we'll get along famously!

Elisha Hale